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Windlands 2 - Props

Final Prop Assets for the VR title Windlands 2 - These are the final assets that were designed and modeled by me. They are rendered out here in Modo, so don't include some of the final texturing. Between myself and Ilja, we came up with a well performing and unique visual style for the game. Credit to Ilja for the massive amount of work he put in, to implement and bake the final assets in engine.

Thanks go to Ilja Kivikangas for his great work as Art Director, and for giving me a lot of room to do my thing with the environments! Thanks and great work to the rest of the team at Psytec Games for their work on the amazing final product!

Andrew porter props village03

A key area of the game, dressed up with other assets.

Andrew porter props jungle
Andrew porter props shrines
Andrew porter props village02
Andrew porter props village01
Andrew porter props jungle02
Andrew porter props cover
Andrew porter phandy boat03